A story of entrepreneurs

When, in 1920, Jose Pons Pedro created the initial form of what would later become the company POINT, craftsmanship was the natural process for the manufacture of objects and furniture of natural fibres. The second generation of the Pons family was a pioneer in understanding that the fusion of craftsmanship and industrial design was the best strategy. In 1970, it incorporated the designer Gabriel Pons to harness the know-how of the craftsmen who weaved the fibres of rattan core by hand, in order to create products adequate for the international markets which they had already entered.

At the beginning of the 80s, the production of rattan furniture underwent a very important change. The countries of Indochina changed their legislations to ban the export of raw materials and allow only the export of processed products. Their goal was to incorporate added value in their exports.

As is well known, a company does not become international by only exporting. In the face of these changes, the current managers of POINT, the Pons brothers, had to take the decision of outsourcing the manufacture of their products in order to remain competitive. These changes represent a key milestone in the history of POINT, as it became a multinational company, initially small in size, but with a great forward-looking spirit. Design was already a key tool in this strategy.

Now the company is managed by the third generation of the Pons family. When Juan Bautista Pons, the son of the founder, died in 1980, his four children took over the management. José Juan, Francisco, Vicente and Antonio constitute the Management Board and Committee of the company.

Since 2005, POINT has more than 12,000 m2 of facilities, consisting of buildings used for warehouses, upholstery production, assembly, dispatch and offices.

Design and business strategy

Gabriel Pons was a designer and a knowledgeable artist, who refined, reworked and modernized the manufacture of the rattan furniture POINT was producing at that time. Gabriel Pons was one of the benchmarks of the type of design the Region of Valencia was starting to develop back then. Gabriel Pons was then joined by designers Pepe Arcos and Lluis Vidal.

Design became POINT’s fundamental tool for the development of its products, allowing the company to consolidate and position itself internationally.

Subsequently, Alfonso Gallego joined the company. During the following years he designed a large number of collections, contributing with his creativity and coherence to the trajectory of POINT’s products. Gabriel Teixidó and Juan Santos entered the company in 2010, introducing in POINT’s catalogues a category of products corresponding to the medium-high range of the outdoor furniture market, while maintaining, modernizing and enhancing POINT’s fibre-woven natural products.

In 2012 the Mexican designer Joaquin Homs joined the company, bringing with him an ethnic kind of design rooted in Mexican culture, which facilitated the participation in projects in markets such as Mexico and Central America. That same year, designers Ximo Roca and José Manuel Ferrero from Studi(H)ac brought their fresh Mediterranean vision. We must also mention the contribution of Esther Campos, who combines her work as a designer with the management of POINT’s Technical Office.

Within this design-driven approach, the project was joined by the company Francesc Rifé in the year 2013. The contribution of this excellent and internationally recognized furniture and interior designer marks another of POINT’s milestones, allowing the company to continue strengthening their international positioning.