WEAVE in Punta de Mar

What does it feel like to lie on a recliner in a houseboat? Relax, disconnection, well-being… a world of sensations to which the new Weave by POINT contributes. That is why it has been chosen to form part of the furniture of Punta de Mar, the first floating accommodation of the startup company that bears the same name.


Located in the Real Club Náutico de Denia, this platform on the sea water stands out for its minimalist, functional and environmentally friendly design. 74m2 in two floors, thought-out for the enjoyment of two people, where POINT puts its point of handcrafted design for exteriors in the terrace.

The Weave lounger stands out for its aluminium structure and the inimitable braiding of its fibre, which also covers part of the handrail, sheltering the couple in their love nest. And in that way, knotting fibre by fibre, meticulously, just like the Baya Weaver birds form their nests, the creations of this collection are born, bringing to mind the tradition of knotting, trapping and wrapping the rope structures that gave rise to the firm 100 years ago. That’s why reclining in their armchair is the closest thing to floating.

The new houseboat Punta de Mar comes from the Valencian architecture team Mano de Santo and KMZero, Open Innovation Hub, and in that POINT shares space with brands such as Würth, Technal, Simon, Guardian Glass and Gira. Technology and innovation at the service of a unique experience of integration with the natural environment that will change the coexistence with the sea.