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  • Point - Mobiliario Exterior - Blog - Joaquin Homs Interview with Joaquín Homs, designer of Icpalli and Armadillo

    Joaquín Homs, architect and interior designer, is co-founder of “Colectivo Arquitectos” in Mexico. A specialist in residential and hotel design, he has developed big tourism projects around the world. In addition, he also explores different areas of object and furniture design. Continue Reading

  • Point - Mobiliario Exterior - Blog - Francesc Rife Interview with FRANCESC RIFÉ

    Interview with Francesc Rifé, designer of BUT, HAMP, ROUND, PUL and PAL.

    In 1994 he founded his own studio in Barcelona. His national and International projects range from interior to industrial design in both the commercial and private sectors.
    Throughout his career he has been awarded several design awards such as the Contract World Award, the ICFF Editors Award, the FAD Award and the ASCER Award, and he has been shortlisted for the National Design Award and the Delta Award, among others.
    Continue Reading

  • Point - Mobiliario Exterior - Blog - Entrevista Vicent Martinez Interview with VICENT MARTINEZ, designer of WEAVE and ONDULAT collections

    Vicent Martinez (Burjassot, 1949), is the latest addition to Point’s team of designers. He has just designed the ONDULAT collection. Among others, he has won the Spanish National Design Prize, awarded to Puntmobles in 1997 and has been president of the AIDIMA Technological Institute. He teaches design-related subjects at several schools and Universities. He currently collaborates as a designer in different companies. Continue Reading